Let’s Make Innovation Everybody’s Business!

- Procelys Collaborative Platform - 


Procelys started a program named INNO4SALES that aims to «Make Innovation Everybody’s Business!»

Why Do We Need to Improve Our Way to Innovate?

INNOVATION is a Way to Differentiate From Competitors, Reduce Cost, Improve Customer Satisfaction, Facilitate our Work, Engage Collaborators, …

What Are the Milestones of the Program?


We are starting the evaluation of Procelys Collaborative Platform to manage INNOVATION CAMPAIGNS and are pleased to invite you as EARLY ADOPTER of the first Procelys innovation campaign (Beta-Test).

What Are the Objectives of the Evaluation Phase?

Let’s Start Contributing to the First Procelys Innovation Campaign (Beta-Test)!


Following this announcement, you will receive a personal email with your early adopter ID & password to access Procelys Collaborative Platform (see link below).


Watch the DEMO Video Below and Click on the Link to Access the Platform.