Strategy for Strict Anaerobes Process Development: from High Throughput to Bioreactor Production 

Vincent SENGULEN (a), Fabien COZE (b), ChloƩ NAVAS (a), Rober KEMPERMAN (b), Eric ORIOL (a)

a: Procelys by Lesaffre Development and Applications 
b: Lesaffre Institute of Science and Technology 


This work shows a developed strategy to enhance strict anaerobes growth from robotic media preparation and high throughput analysis in anaerobic workstation (AWS) to bioreactor scales using different yeast-based nutrients (YBNs). First, the use of Hungate tubes and syringe bottles sub-cultivations allows to understand the behavior of bacteria and select the best conditions for culture step. 

Then, based on a design of experiments and the use of Biomek I7 automated liquid handler, media optimization and YBNs screening could be performed in microtiter plates (MTPs) inside AWS. Finally, we moved out of AWS controlled gas area and performed the scale up phase of the selected YBNs in mini fermenters (Ambr250 system) and up to 1L bioreactors .